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Create the website solution that is unique and perfect for your business. The layout, look, and feel should be designed to accommodate and…

Search Marketing

Search marketing, or more simply stated “being found” on the web can be a challenging and frustrating. The search engine landscape is changing daily, and…

Media Production

Media content has become somewhat of a necessity for attracting today’s web surfers. Competition for time and attention is intense, and …

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Although digital marketing may seem now like a household term to many, there are still far too many businesses stuck in the traditional world. Much of the reason for holding back the transition from traditional to digital has to do with the knowledge base from within and the fear of change. The Great Depression actually served as a catalyst to move many companies toward digital solutions. When traditional methods lost effectiveness, and the cost to maintain them became a strain, the more forward-thinking managers saw this as an opportunity to try new and less expensive marketing solutions. There are still barriers to be broken. The most effective solutions come with training to educate users how to both utilize digital solutions and to recognize the results. At Zeus Digital Marketing we take the most pride in offering our tailored small business solutions along with all the training necessary to manage and grow your digital footprint.

Take Control of Your Digital Future

If you’re ready to take control of your digital future, we can make that happen effectively and most importantly with great efficiency. Contact Us today to discuss your digital footprint. If you found us while looking for digital solutions in the golf industry, visit our new property at In early 2015 we spun off all our golf operations including to a new company called iNetGolf, LLC. iNetGolf provides web development, content creation, social media strategies, search optimization, and a host of golf related marketing solutions to a growing and diverse global golf industry client base.

The partnership between Crow Creek Golf Club and Zeus Digital Marketing (later became iNetGolf),  started Spring of 2013.  Since then we have seen our digital presence explode.  Our website had been mostly been a real estate site with a golf tab.  With the guidance of Zeus Digital / iNetGolf our site is now widely considered the patriarch of the newest generation of websites.  The behemoth that is by far the single best investment our business has made in the last decade.  After its completion in the Spring of 2015, it has captured an enormous amount of traffic which we tracked through our online booking engine.  In two months of being online, revenue generated from tee time sales beat our entire 2014 online revenue. The numbers don’t lie.  I have transitioned the bulk of our marketing efforts to bolstering our digital footprint.


We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and hope that business finds us.  Zeus / iNetGolf has given us the tools to make ourselves more visible in an ever growing and changing digital landscape.  I personally think you can’t receive better value.  How many marketing companies package website development with a media outlet?

Jimmy Biggs, PGA

Head Golf Professional, Crow Creek Golf Club